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We Offer Many Legal Services

The Law Office of Lynndolyn Mitchell PC focuses on representing clients in complex divorce matters and contested child custody proceedings.  Whether your case involves a military divorce, separation agreement, or a determination of marital property rights, we are exceptionally qualified to resolve your matter in a skillful and professional manner. Our areas of focus include:

  • Complex Divorces
  • Protective Orders
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Education Law
  • Protective Orders
  • Marital Settlement/Separation Agreements
  • Serious Traffic and Misdemeanor Criminal Offenses
  • Veteran’s Benefits Appeals

Child Custody

Being in the involved in a extremely contested custody matter requires an attorney who has experience in successful litigation of custody matters. Ms. Mitchell has substantial experience in representing individuals who seek either sole physical, sole legal or joint custody of their child/children by reason of a separation, divorce or other parental break up. Many custody matters are resolved through mediation however; there are times in which the court must decide the final outcome.

Although custody guidelines usually dictate a parent’s child support obligation, having primary or joint custody determines how a parent’s income will be allocated on the support guidelines. Having competent legal representation for the pendente lite or custody merits hearing is crucial.

Lynndolyn Mitchell has represented numerous parents in custody and child support matters. Having over 26 years of litigation experience, Ms. Mitchell has the proven professional ability to evaluate your anticipated or ongoing custody case. Ms. Mitchell has the skillful ability to help you determine the most appropriate way to proceed through the judicial process.

Complex Divorce

Many individuals choose the jurisdiction to obtain a divorce based on their residency or residence of a spouse. Ms. Mitchell is licensed in all three jurisdictions and has the expertise to advise a client on divorce matters in the D.C. Metropolitan area including Maryland, Virginia and the District itself. Ms. Mitchell also has extensive experience in representing both military and traditional families in complex divorce cases. Ms. Mitchell has experience in representing clients in both uncontested and highly contested divorce cases. Lynndolyn Mitchell has the professionalism, compassion and proven experience to help you navigate through the complex legal and emotional challenges one faces in a divorce proceeding.

Traffic Criminal

Having a skilled lawyer, enables an individual charged with a crime to effectively navigate the criminal process and resolve his or her case without the anxiety of not knowing what to expect. Whether you are facing a matter relating to a serious traffic matter, violation of a protective order or prosecution for a misdemeanor or felony having an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system is a sensible choice.

Having served as a senior assistant public defender in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a deputy public defender in Riverside California; Lynndolyn Mitchell has represented numerous adults and juveniles charged with traffic, misdemeanor and serious felony offenses. Ms. Mitchell is licensed to practice in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Ms. Mitchell has successfully tried jury trials in Virginia Beach and Arlington Virginia. Ms. Mitchell has also represented clients in both misdemeanor and felony trials in Maryland and the District of Columbia.


Special Education Law

Advocating for students in special education law matters insures that local schools implement best policies and procedures to help your child thrive in his/her academic environment.  The Law Office of Lynndolyn Mitchell PC is committed to insuring that your interest in your child receiving a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FERPA).  Ms. Mitchell has represented students at (IEP) meetings in Prince George’s County.  She has also served a speaker for the National Business Institutes on important topics relating to special education law.

Veteran’s Benefits Appeals

Lynndolyn Mitchell is admitted to the Court of Veteran’s Appeals and has represented veterans in appeals/ notice of disagreements of decisions made by the Veteran’s Administration.  Ms. Mitchell has gained experience in representing veteran’s through family law matters, and other veteran’s advocacy issues.  Ms. Mitchell has volunteered for the call center dedicated to assisting Veterans in need of legal assistance.


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