Reckless Driving in Virginia

Drivers passing through Virginia are often shocked to find out that driving over 80 miles an hour or twenty miles over the posted speed limit is a class 1 misdemeanor.

Although the posted speed limit can sometimes be upwards of 70 miles an hour, an unsuspecting driver going over 80 can still be cited for reckless driving.


§ 46.2-862. Exceeding speed limit.
A person shall be guilty of reckless driving who drives a motor vehicle on
the highways in the Commonwealth (i) at a speed of twenty miles
per hour or more in excess of the applicable maximum speed limit or (ii)
in excess of eighty miles per hour regardless of the
applicable maximum speed limit.

The consequences of being found guilty of reckless driving are:

  1. Possible suspension of your privilege to drive
  2. Possible jail time
  3. A fine exceeding $250.00 and court costs
  4. Points abstract sent to the MVA or DMV
  5. The stigma of having a class 1 misdemeanor on your record

* If you have been cited for reckless driving seek legal representation.

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